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Dollars Cash In A Black WalletSelling unused valuables can be made easier than ever before by using an online service such as Craigslist to spread the word about your item and find a buyer quickly, putting cash in your pocket and helping you clean out the garage at the same time! But selling online can often be confusing and dangerous. Cyber criminals are hard at work exploiting honest people in many different ways.

That got us to thinking…what if we offered to take care of handling the online sale of your merchandise? That way, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the confusing, time consuming process of posting the item, taking pictures of it, meeting with interested buyers and the like. Our Craigslist posting service offers a completely easy way for you to sell goods online without having to worry about the details.

  • Simply bring your item to our store
  • We’ll help you assess the value, then we’ll list it on Craigslist for you
  • We’ll handle all of the buyer inquiries for your item
  • If buyers wish to view the item, they come to our store to check it out
  • If and when a sale is made, it’s done so at our location, keeping you anonymous
  • You get the cash you’re looking for, without having to worry about the risks

It’s simply that easy!

To get started, give us some details about the item you are looking to sell below. One of our Internet specialists will contact you to discuss any questions and make arrangements to get your item listed.

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I want to recommend ProPack & Ship to anyone that wants to ship information or items where ever!! I was shipping some information to Hawaii and because of your recommendation I saved a lot of money. The really great part was I was ready to ...

Bob Lathan

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