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Whether it’s affirming a legal document or authorizing a deed, the certified notaries at ProPack & Ship  can assist you in having a document legally notarized.

The times when you need a notary are usually stressful for one reason or another, and finding someone you can trust when you’re in a hurry can be difficult. Need a witness? Not to worry, we can usually find one of those too.


Here are some things to consider before coming to see us:

  • Bring Proper Identification
    A state-issued driver’s license, military ID, or passport is required.
  • Bring the original document(s), not copies
  • What else?

Other Frequently Asked Questions


What documents do I need to bring in order to have something notarized?

A current government issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.

Do I have to supply my own witness?

It is better if you do but if there are two of us here one of us can be a witness.

What is the benefit of having things notarized?

Here are the primary benefits of notarizing a document:

  1. Protect yourself from fraud. The identities of the parties are verified by a third party.
  2. Extra layer of protection. Having the parties sign in front of a notary insures that the parties voluntarily entered into the agreement of their own power.
  3. Some agreements must be notarized by law and meeting that requirement is always a good thing!
  4. Having a document notarized is a huge strategic advantage if litigation becomes necessary.

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