ProPack and Ship LLC can help ensure your shipment arrives in one piece with affordable and reliable packing services you can trust.No matter what kind of item you’re shipping, it is important to know that it will arrive at its destination in one piece. Too often we see shipments that are incorrectly packaged getting damaged during transport. That’s why using ProPack and Ship to prepare your parcel is important. We will make sure your items are carefully packaged with the proper amount of protective materials. Every item is different and we have the correct materials on hand to ensure the contents of your packages arrive without harm.

Our knowledgeable staff not only knows how to pack your items correctly for shipping, but also understand the in’s and out’s of the shipping industry, ensuring you aren’t over-charged. Should a problem arise during the transport of your parcel, we help you to resolve it without delay, reducing the amount of time, stress and worry involved with these unfortunate circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions


If I insure a package, isn’t it the carrier’s job to get it there undamaged?

Yes it is but accidents do happen and that’s when having insurance really pays off!

Is it a good idea to reuse packing materials from shipments I’ve received?

It is fine to reuse peanuts or other packing material that is on the inside of the box as long as they are still good but you should always use a new box.

Too much packing material increases the weight of my shipment and costs more. Why do I have to do this?

The weight of the extra peanuts will not have a significant effect on the price and you should always pack your items as well as possible to insure that your item(s) arrive(s) intact.

What are the advantages of having ProPack and Ship pack my item instead of doing it myself?

We only charge you for what we use so it will be the same cost to buy the materials from us and pack it yourself as it would be to just bring it in and let us do it, and having us do it is easier on you!

Can I bring you my own packing materials for you to use when packing my item?

No but you can certainly pack it yourself and bring it to us to ship.

Are the packing requirements different for items being shipped air or ground?

Yes they are. Envelopes sent air or ground have no packing requirements. Packages shipped air or ground must have a MINIMUM of two inches of approved packing material on every side of your item(s) when shipped.

Are the packing requirements different for items being shipped internationally?

No, the requirement of two inches of approved packing material on every side of the box is mandatory.

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I want to recommend ProPack & Ship to anyone that wants to ship information or items where ever!! I was shipping some information to Hawaii and because of your recommendation I saved a lot of money. The really great part was I was ready to ...

Bob Lathan

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